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Optoma HD 25e Optoma HD 25eOptoma HD 25e

Optoma HD 25e

HD 25e

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Projektor OPTOMA HD25e

Ultimate 3D Projector

  • Fantastic Full 3D 1080p image quality
  • Crystal clarity - 20,000:1 contrast
  • Bright vivid Colours - 2800 ANSI Lumens
  • Built-in 10W Speaker

Enjoy your favourite TV shows, sports and action-packed games in the ultimate home entertainment experience. Incorporating a built in speaker, you can conveniently listen to your movies without the hassle of connecting external speakers. You can even project up to a 300” image to create an extra-large screen for the true cinema experience, right in your own home.
Utilising the latest DLP® technology, the HD25e delivers exceptional Full HD 1080p and immersive 3D visuals.

Producing a stunningly bright image with perfectly balanced vivid colour and crystal clarity the HD25e provides the exceptional light and shade detail only possible with a high contrast projector.

Full HD 1080p

Sharper more detailed projection with 1920 x 1080p pixels, perfect for watching Blu-ray movies without downscaling or compression.

Full 3D

Using the inherent speed of DLP technology, The Optoma HD25e Full 3D projector can display true 3D content from almost any 3D display device, including 3D Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox and Sky3D.

Dynamic Black

Dynamic black smoothly adjusts the lamp output automatically, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Bright scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks which gives exceptional light and shade detail.

Colour Guarantee

We are so confident that the HD25e image colour quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that Optoma will guarantee it for five years.


Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second. To preserve the purity of the original image the HD25e can accept High Definition sources at 24 frames per second and so to display movies exactly as the director intended.

Amazing Colours

The HD25e incorporates BrilliantColor™ multi-colour processing technology to bring stunning, vibrant colour to your screen. You can even fine tune colours for ultimate precision.


DLP® Technology – The greatest 3D home cinema experience!


Create the most vivid and compelling 3D experience available anywhere. Unlike competing technologies, DLP from Texas instruments uses millions of tiny mirrors to maximise the available light output and high contrast while the inherit speed completely eliminates crosstalk.

Why use a projector for 3D?

It is a widely accepted fact that the bigger the image, the greater the 3D effect - for the best results it is essential to fill your field of vision, without having to be too close to the screen. Even a huge 50” TV can only create a window on the 3D world, whereas the immersion & excitement created by a massive 150” projection screen makes you feel like you are part of the action!

3D Movies:

Now that all the latest 3D movies have arrived on Blu-ray 3D™ you can enjoy the same jaw-dropping 3D cinema experience at home, now in fantastic 1080p Full High definition.


Bring movies and games to life with the HD25e Full HD 1080p 3D projector.


Powerful Audio

Complete your home cinema experience with the powerful on-board 10W speaker. Offering exceptional sound quality the HD25e is easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers.

Long Lamp Life

The new lamp technology incorporated into the HD25e extends lamp life up to an incredible 6000 hours. If you watch a two hour movie every day then typically the lamp will last for over 8 years.

The only thing left is the glasses…

For that seamless 3D experience, use our second generation wireless 3D glasses.

Developed in parallel with our “Full 3D” projectors, the ZF2100 system & glasses are optimised to provide you with higher contrast and brighter images than ever before, while eliminating tedious issues with emitter placement, limited range and potential interference commonly experienced when using Infra-red.

Fully rechargeable, our ZF2100 glasses give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing both installing and using them will be hassle free.



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